Chili - 3ème édition révisé - Arica Desert to Tierra del Fuego

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This guide to Chile covers the coasts from Arica in the north to Cape Horn in the south, and includes Isla de Pascua and Islas Juan Fernandez to the west.

Chile’s vast coastline offers the complete range of scenery and is one of the last easily accessible places on the planet where yachts can explore little known waters and find previously unreported anchorages.

This third edition is a compilation of information gleaned by many visiting yachtsmen, edited into a coherent and thorough guide. It offers detailed, fully updated sailing directions for almost all the important harbours and anchorages, many of which are documented here for the first time. The detailed text is supported by revised colour sketch plans throughout.

The app version of the book, available on iPad via the Imray Nautical app, also contains full colour photographs and is an ideal companion to the book.

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  • Format : A4
  • Auteur : RCCPF / Andrew O'Grady
  • Editeur : IMRAY
  • Parution : 2015
  • Façonnage : broché